Have you received my payment? 
To find out if Valencia Water Company has received your payment you can log on to your account via WebConnect, call our Customer Service Department at 661-294-0828 (see office hours and calendar), or e-mail us at customerservice@valenciawater.com.

If you need to START or STOP service, please DO NOT email your request. You must call us directly.

I had a higher bill than expected. What happened? 
Beginning in February 2011, Valencia Water Company implemented a tiered pricing structure linked to your monthly water allocation generated from the Water SMART system. Your bill could be higher from using water above your monthly allocation.

The most common causes of usage above your monthly allocation are landscape irrigation system issues. This may include changes in the duration and frequency of your watering, leaking valves, broken sprinkler heads, or broken pipes. If you suspect a leak, look around your home or business for telltale signs: moss growing on the ground, valves or sidewalks; mushy soil or grass; dirt on sidewalks or driveway near a sprinkler head. You can also check your meter to help confirm a leak. If you have a landscape maintenance company, consult with them to see if they have noticed any problems.

Other common causes of high usage include leaky toilets, constantly running toilets, valves or bypasses left open, and increased laundry.

Customers who have questions about their water bill, monthly Water SMART allocation or who would like to contest the billed usage should contact our Customer Service Department at 661-294-0828, see office hours and calendar or e-mail us at customerservice@valenciawater.com. If you need to START or STOP service, please DO NOT email your request. You must call us directly.

When is my bill due? 
Bills are due and payable upon date of presentation. It will become past due if not paid within 19 days of mailing by VWC. See How to Read Your Bill, which shows what your due date is/was for your current and past due charges.

What are your hours? 
See office hours and calendar for business hours. Feel free to stop by our office, or call 661-294-0828. In an emergency, a company representative can be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at the same number. We are located in the Valencia Industrial Center at 24631 Avenue Rockefeller, Valencia, California.

How can I pay my bill? 

Pay Online through Valencia Water Company's WebConnect: You can instantly pay your bill from the comfort of your home with the click of a button, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Use your checking account or credit/debit card. Also review your account information including payment history, water usage, previous bills and more!

Automatic Bill Payment Plan: Authorize us to pay your bill through a monthly automatic bank draft. See Paying Your Bill for more information.

Online Bill Payment: You may use any third party online bill pay service, such as your bank's online bill pay, and all payments will be delivered electronically to Valencia Water Company via the national electronic registry within 1-3 business days. Just be sure to select the correct vendor (Valencia Water Company, Valencia, CA), and use your current Valencia Water account number found on your bill.

Mailing your bill: Enclose the detachable bottom portion of your bill, along with a check or money order for the amount due, in the envelope provided to ensure speed and efficiency in processing. Please do not include cash or coin.

If the envelope provided is lost, mail to:

Valencia Water Company
P.O. Box 515106
Los Angeles, CA 90051-5106

Paying your bill in person: Feel free to make your payment at the above location using check, travelers check, cashiers check, or money order made out to Valencia Water Company. We also accept cash if you are paying in person. A drop box is available in the front of the building or you may walk your payment in. See office hours and calendar.

We are located in the Valencia Industrial Center at 24631 Ave. Rockefeller, Valencia, California.

I had a high bill because of a water leak or pipe break on my property. Can I get an adjustment? 
Unfortunately, Valencia Water Company cannot be responsible for the maintenance or operation of water systems on private property. If you are not able to pay the entire bill by the due date, please call our Customer Service Department at 661-294-0828, see office hours and calendar to make payment arrangements.

When will you read my meter? 
We attempt to read all meters within 27 to 33 days. We read and bill by cycles (grouping of customers geographically adjacent) designed to be efficient to our operations, which in turn helps to keep your costs for water down. Call Customer Service for information about your next scheduled read day.

Do you offer discounts to seniors, low-income households or disabled customers? 
With the exception of low-income customers, we do not offer discounts to select groups of customers. We offer the same price to all of our customers, as shown in the Rates section under Customer Service. Qualifying low-income customers can receive a 50% discount on their monthly service charge. For more information, see Rates.

Do you offer any third party notification for your elderly or disabled customers? 
Yes, we can mail a notification to the third party you designate, such as a family member, clergyman or guardian. To qualify for the notification service, the customer or resident must be elderly (age 62 or older) or disabled. Please notify us of your request by providing your name and address along with appropriate information to document your situation. Proof of age must be supported by a birth certificate, drivers license, passport or other reliable document. Proof of disability must be certification from a licensed physician, public health nurse or social worker. Include the name, address and telephone number of the third party with a letter from third party accepting this responsibility.

What is the 'Mo Srv Chrg' on my bill, and how long have you been charging this? 
This is the Monthly Service Charge, which is charged to all accounts and is based on meter size. This charge is a readiness-to-serve charge. The monthly service charge is set with the intent that the charge for each meter corresponds to the cost of service for that size of meter.

How do I go about having water service started at my home or business? 
We need two business days to establish service. You can apply for service by phone or in person.

I just moved in or I am moving into the area, who provides my water service? 
Valencia Water Company delivers water to Valencia, Stevenson Ranch, Commerce Center, Valencia Industrial Center and portions of Newhall, Saugus and Castaic. Contact us, if you have further questions about who provides your water.

Do you provide sewer or power, too? 
No, Valencia Water Company only provides water service.

I am moving my home or business out of Valencia Water Company's service area, how do I stop service? 
Call our Customer Service Department at 661-294-0828, see office hours and calendar, to request disconnection. A phone number and forwarding address other than the current service address is necessary to close your account. A minimum of two business days is required to stop service.

If you need to START service, please DO NOT email your request. You must call us directly. All START and STOP service requests need to be made a minimum of two business days in advance.

I am moving to another location in Valencia Water Company's service area, how do I transfer service? 
Call our Customer Service Department at 661-294-0828, see office hours and calendar, to request a transfer of service. The effective START and STOP dates may overlap. Your new service address will have a new account number. Electronic payments made through your bank will need to reflect your new account number. A minimum of two business days is required to transfer service.

If you need to TRANSFER service, please DO NOT email your request. You must call us directly. All TRANSFER Service requests need to be made a minimum of two business days in advance.

What is this 'Water SMART Allocation' on my monthly bill? 
Monthly water allocations now appear on billing statements for individually meter residential customers. The program is a fair and equitable method of providing residents an amount of water calculated to efficiently meet their specific needs. For more information, see Water Smart Allocation Program details or call a Customer Service representative at (661) 294-0828.

Is bottled water safer to drink than tap water? 
Not necessarily. Bottled water is not regulated the same way tap water is regulated. The Food and Drug Administration regulates bottled water, while tap water is regulated by the United States Environmental Protection Agency and, in California, by the Department of Public Health. There are specific sampling and reporting requirements for tap water that bottled water is not subject to.

What is hard water? 
There are two minerals that make water naturally ďhard.Ē Hardness is generally a measure of the amount of calcium and magnesium expressed as calcium carbonate. Water hardness does not have any effect on human health. Therefore, the California Department of Public Health does not regulate hardness. Common complaints regarding water hardness are water spots and that soap does not lather.

How can I find out information about Chloramines? 
In April of 2005, your waterís disinfection treatment changed from free chlorine to chloramines. Chloramine is a disinfectant consisting of chlorine and ammonia. It is more stable than free chlorine and produces lower levels of disinfection byproducts. This change will ensure that higher water quality standards set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency are met.

Is my water safe to drink? 
Yes, it is. The water we supply is in complete compliance with all federal and state water quality regulations. Our water goes through hundreds of water quality analyses every year. Some of the more common tests that are conducted on your water are, bacteriological, organic chemicals (including MTBE), inorganic chemicals (including Nitrates), as well as a number of other constituents.

For more information about Water Quality, please Contact Us at 661-294-0828 to obtain a copy of the Annual Water Quality Report or visit our Water Quality Report page to view the report online.

Why does water sometimes look milky? 
If your water looks milky, chances are itís only air. Tiny bubbles of air can get trapped in pipelines and cause water to look cloudy. There is no reason to become concerned and there is a simple way to see if the cloudiness is only air. Fill a clear glass with water and set it on your counter. If the cloudiness begins to clear from the bottom of the glass up, itís only air! However, if you are unsure, you can always Contact Us at 661-294-0828 and ask to talk with someone regarding water quality.

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